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Cards EURO<26 Visa Electron of JCB "Ukrsotsbank"

Cards EURO<26 Visa Electron of JCB "Ukrsotsbank"The Old world. Island of romance-Eiffel tower. Bastion of conservatism - Big Ben. Architectural masterpiece - Coliseum. Streets are full of voices of tourists from the whole world. European youth can easily let themselves to study, travel, learn, to spend week-ends whenever they want. Ukrainian students have no such possibility. That’s difficult to earn for trip to Europe. But not so difficult if use program "EURO<26".

With its help that’s easy “to become citizen of Europe” and the price “to go or not to go” is less in any currency we count. You can ask: In which way? Because the price reduces. Millions of Europeans from 14 till 26 years old use little discount card "EURO<26" instead of pocket full of money.

Holders of these cards have possibility to get discounts in 38 countries in the world. It’s almost 200 000 discounts in the shops, educational and cultural institutions. In Ukraine more than 2000 partners of this program give discounts to the holders of EURO<26 Visa Electron. Card EURO<26 Visa Electron lets bye airplane tickets at special prices (SATA) with discount 50% from the real price and get discounts for studying abroad to 20%. With such card you can travel around Europe almost at price 200 $. You can agree that this is possible for the most part of Ukrainian students. The main thing is to learn how to use card "EURO<26".

That’s not difficult. The first rule is to use services and products of the companies which have logo "EURO<26" (Hercules with stars). The second is to show the salesman card "EURO<26". Keep your attention that discounts are given in Europe if you show this card by such firms McDonalds, Reebok, Pepsi, Stimorol, British Rail, British Airlines, Air France and many others. This card isn’t expensive, because “youth card EURO<26" – that’s the program of youth social support”.

JCB „Ukrsotsbank” began issuing of youth payment discount cards Євро<26 Visa Electron в рамках програми Європейської Асоціації Молодіжної Картки, а також програми Ради Європи “Молодіжна картка”. Project is realized together with informational center “Euro <26 - Zarevo” and company “Kolizej”.

Cards EURO<26 Visa Electron of JCB „Ukrsotsbank” join the whole spectrum of possibilities of payment cards Visa Electron issued by bank:

getting cash in any ATM in Ukraine or the world;

filling the card account;

payment for goods and services all around the world where they have pos terminals;

adjusting limits on the card account;

getting sms on mobile concerning card account;

getting extraction on e-mail concerning card account;

voucher replenishment (mobile operators)in Ukraine;

getting any social payments(scholarships);

payment of rent trough system Portmone.com in Internet;

automatically payments of rent by population of Kiev with a help of card account in JCB “Ukrsotsbank”.

Cardholders can take part in lotteries (where somebody can win pagers, tickets, tourist trips etc.) and youth projects under aegis "Youth card EURO<26". To their service there is full info about firms-participants in Ukraine and abroad with fixed address and information according to their specialty. The number of firms-participants increases.

Additional information: JCB “Ukrsotsbank” has status of principal member of International Payment systems MasterCard International and VISA International. Total issue of payment cards is almost 700 000cards. The net of ATM of the bank is more than 250 and exist in any region of Ukraine. To clients service there are 400 POS-terminals.
JCB “Ukrsotsbank” is universal financial and credit institution which can propose full package of services to juridical and physical entities.
It was founded in 1990 year, and for present moment it has great diversificated structure in.
Branch net in JCB “Ukrsotsbank” consists of 500 branches and divisions all around Ukraine.

Detailed information can be get by tel.8-800-5000-200. (free of charge on the territory of Ukraine)





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